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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  August 23, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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we have breaking news out of washington, d.c. where the pentagon is being evacuated after an earthquake near washington, d.c. >> the usgs is reported that go the magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck morning. it was 34 miles northwest of richmond, virginia. >> it was felt as far away as new york city and north carolina. >> and they are reporting shaking was felt in philadelphia and the delaware and new jersey
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regions, as well. >> we also have heard no reports of any serious injuries or damage. we're going to continue following this news and bring you updates online as soon as we get them. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm kristen sze. >> this morning bart's board president is apologizing to commuters. a protest disrupted service and forced bart to temporarily close two san francisco stations. on nick smith is live at bart headquarters in oakland. >> reporter: good morning. bart board of directors president would like to put an end to disruption of service. >> last night it was organized by the group anonymous. they were upset by the decision made by bart officials to shut
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off cellphone service at an august 11th demonstration against police on the bart platform. they did this in the interests of public safety. today in an interview bob franklin apologized to riders and hoped to put an end to the disruption in service. >> we should have apologized and it was unfortunate we had cut off cellphone service. >> bart police took a forceful stand against demonstrators. they gave clear warnings to disperse and then arrested anyone that attempted to raise a sign. message was clear. demonstrating is fine but protesting beyond the fare gate is illegal. >> if you are want to protest you are welcome to do out the fare gates or attend our meetings, it's open to the public. >> demonstrators continue to protest and it ended in larkin
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and grove streets. it was here they this them cornered and one by one they were arrested. there were 45 people cited. powell street station was open and closed four times and civic center station closed and opened three. >> people are getting tired of it. passengers are getting tiredist. we need to put it in the right form which in bart room and to not inconvenience people or put passengers at risk. >> for information about that meeting go to our website and click on see it on tv. we're following breaking news in east palo alto where a small plane has crash landed. the pilot managed to set the plane down in a field near the
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intersection of bay and university around 9:47. no injuries were reported. no word on why the pilot was forced to make that emergency landing about faa is investigating. >> they sentenced a mental patient in napa to 25 years to life for the murder of a hospital employee. 37-year-old man applied had no contest to first-degree murder earlier this month. in exchange they dropped charges of kidnapping and robbery. the victim was 54-year-old con that gross worked as psychiatric technician at the hospital for 14 years. she was strangled last october. hospital has been under heavy scrutiny suns her death. they have increased staff security since the attack but several employees have continued to raise concerns. one person has been arrested after damaged with windows at
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san francisco city hall. one side of the building is closed after crews clean up the broken glass. surveillance video captured image of a man breaking the glass on several winds about 4:30 this morning. he is a 38-year-old man who appeared to be very intoxicated. he was arrested and faces charges of vandalism. >> police in daly city are trying to unravel a mystery. they want to determine who stabbed four men. they thought the crime scene is where the victims were found at serra bowl. now, they say the crime may have started in san francisco. all four victims and they say injuries are not life-threatening. police need your help in finding the suspects. >> in the east bay oakland police are investigating three overnight shootings that left one person dead and three others injured.
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first shooting happened after midnight on 79th avenue. one man was killed there. second shooting happened at a liquor store on crystal boulevard. one person was found shot and windy there had. minutes after that, police were called to 38th avenue and foothill boulevard where two people had been shot. no word on the condition of the victims in that shooting either. there is no word on any suspects in any of shootings or whether they may be linked. shootings come at a time when oakland police are under increasing community pressure to do more to reduce violence in the city. >> rebel forces are now in control of moammar khadafy's compound in tripoli. >> they blasted through the large gates. at this point there is no sign of khadafy or his family. rebel forces are in control of
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most of the capital but nato warns that the situation remains dangerous and alliance will continue bombing in khadafy forces keep fighting. did he fiet spite claims of his capture, his son showed up on streets of tripoli last night. he says his father and other family were members were safe in tripoli and they are going to be victorious. >> the people are with us. look at them. look at them, on the streets and everywhere. >> another khadafy son mohammad khouy was romantic captured over the weekend. libyan ambassador to the united states says he is escaped. >> they are giving us a look at how intense the celebration is outside khadafy compound in tripoli. you see the hair the gun fire in the background. >> these are supposed to be protected walls.
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it gives you the sense of the power of the khadafy regime. this is the nicest part of the city. you are seeing these large. [ gun shots ] >> let's go back. let's pull back. i'm getting hit by some of the shells. >> there were countless rounds fired. >> reports of hollywood's couple's is celebrating. >> and the death of amy winehouse. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at the san francisco food bank. joe montana hanging out today. he is not talking about superbowls, putting bowls of nutritious food on bay area's hungry. you are going hear
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joe montana is kicking off a major food drive at the san francisco food bank. terry mcsweeney has more. joe montana in there right now and joy montana talk, people listen and its mob scene right now, getting out the message for us to come together to fight hunger across america. take a look at the man who brought san francisco four
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superbowls. he is pulling up in a food bank truck. media all over it and that is just fine with joe. he wants attention. he is kicking off huddle to fight hunger to bring 25 million meals to america. i asked joe so many organizations, why the fight against hunger. take a listen. >> there is a lot of great problems out there. don't get me wrong. this one focuses on an area that you live in. i think people when you are able to help communities that you live in and be involved in that, i think it's more special. i think also recognizing the fact we do have a homeless problem here in the u.s. >> here is san francisco, we are told 190,000 people are considered hungry, lack of access at all times to
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nutritious food. for every one they get, kraft donates one meal to feeding america. that is something that is leading up to kraft fighting hunger bowl on december 31. a special report coming up. right now we want to update the earthquake that happened in washington, d.c. for you.
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we are so used to earthquakes and we are told that usgs was about 3.7 miles deep and the shaking was felt around the white house and capitol hill north carolina and pentagon was evacuated. >> and air traffic control towers were evacuated and that has to be something going off in the east.
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>> and several areas still running late, friends in south carolina that felt it. >> everybody is okay? >> they are all doing okay. >> very surprised. >> very surprised as we would be here if a tornado popped out of the sky. >> let's take a look what is going on outside. you can see some of the fog. what a beautiful picture, golden gate bridge. we do have a little fog along the coast. that is going to hang around with some pockets of sunshine developing during the afternoon hours. in fact you could take a look right now, see the sunshine developing along some of our north bay beaches. as far as highlights, we're going to have a lot of sunshine away from the coast and lot warmer weather today. partly cloudy tonight. look for drizzle to hang around the coast. it will be mild at our beaches all the way through the weekend. let's take a look at 24-hour temperature change. 7 degrees warmer in san francisco. double-digits warmer in san jose concord and fremont.
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10-11 degrees warmer. here is the warmest weather in the east bay valleys. maybe you need the air conditioner for the first time in a long time. low to mid-70s around san francisco and richmond to 78 in oakland to knoll san mateo. then everybody else along the bayshore and south bay and also to the north bay in the mid to upper 80s, even more 90s around cloverdale and ukiah. low to mid-60s around the coast. cloudy and 59 around monterey. heat is on in hollister, gilroy and morgan hill. low to mid 90s. for tonight, back in the 50s. except for concord and san jose, around 50. notice the drizzle at the coast and plenty of cloud cover. area of low pressure pulling away from the coast and winds are barely coming off of shore and because of that the air-conditioning will stay at the coast. you will be in the low to mid-60s. upper 70s and 80s around the bay.
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>> thanks very much. toxicology tests show no illegal drugs were found in singer amy winehouse's system when she died. the family says the tests did show alcohol was present in her body but it hasn't been determined if it contributed to her death. the singer was found dead in her london home on july 23rd. wine house had battled drug and alcohol addiction for years. >> there are reports out today that will smith and his wife have separated. they are reporting that the hollywood power couple have decided to split after 13 years together. they have two children together. the couple's publicist haven't confirmed the reports but one other publication
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today at 3:00, to help you buy better produce. then 7 on your side michael finney has a test showing you the best value for lawn trimmers. and facebook announces a major privacy enhancement to the pictures your friends post of you. >> ladies, never fear a dream robot is here to rescue. a professor has invented this
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robot that watches humans. it gets it right side out and later match it with its mate. >> and professor was named as one of top world's innovators biotechnology magazine. >> he has helped robots in surgery. however, we do like that. that is great app. thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great day. >> bye.


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